Princes of the Apocalypse

Session One - Four Adventurers Walk into a Bar...
Rumours in Red Larch

On a pleasant afternoon, four adventurers find themselves on the road to the small village of Red Larch in the Dessarin Valley, for very different reasons. Dregash, a hulking, half orc sea-dog seeks the Stormbringer that destroyed his vessel. Erdan, an elven ranger searches for his lost love and those who have taken her. A mysterious Tiefling named Modeus’ dark dreams have led him this far. While Galadon, a half elf storyteller seeks vast riches he believes lie somewhere in the area. After a minor bit of unpleasantness, (where Dregash starts a trend of being largely impervious to crossbow bolts) with a noble named Ambrose on the road, the group arrive in Red Larch.

Having been contacted and bankrolled by an Agent of the Harpers, Galadon hires the three adventurers, with a fair and legally binding contract, to help him locate his supposed treasure hoard. And maybe look into their personal quests, if there’s time.

Things in Red Larch aren’t as quiet as they seem, as getting drinks at the Helm, and asking around town, the group uncovered several rumours, including reports of strange, unnatural weather around the nearby Sumber Hills.

Completed: (?)
- After hearing tales of strange figures lurking around Mellikho’s Stoneworks at night, asking around at the quarry the group were given the cold shoulder and Albaeri Mellikho pointed them towards Trickle Rock Cave, mentioning legendary treasure. There was no treasure. There were four strirges. The Ranger lost a lot of blood. Was this a trap?

- Galadon’s Harper contact, Endrith Vallivoe, mentioned a skull pinned to a tree with an arrow. Being in the area the group investigated. There was indeed a skull pinned to a tree with a black arrow. A message (on human skin) read: ‘The Last Laugh/You’ll be Next!/Valklondar’ Touching the arrow, Galadon saw a disconcerting vision of a flying skull. Arrow and letter are currnetly away at the Harper CSI lab.

- Constable Harburk authorised the party to investigate accounts of banditry on his behalf. Finding the bandits sat around a fire with a caged bear nearby, a disastrous attempt at deception results in a firefight. Once again Dregash proved impervious to crossbow bolts and once again the Ranger lost a lot of blood, being unable to calm the enraged bear. Modeus simply set the bear on fire. A small score of coin was our reward.

To Be Investigated:
- Mithra Mhandyvver’s granddaughter Pell has seen a ‘ghost’ around a tomb near town. Visit Mhandyvverr’s Poultry Shop.

- The Tarnlar children have some information about a ‘plague’ at Lance Rock. Visit Tarnlar’s clothing shop to brace the kids.

- Lessa Urkel, owner of the Swinging Sword Inn has offered a reward of 50gp if we investigate the strange presence at Lance Rock/ weather in the Sumber Hills. (Can’t remember which).

- A halfling named Stannor Thistlehair has discreetly asked us to meet his at the Helm at High Sun tavern, he possibly has some information about the strange goings on at Wealvurs Wagonworks.

Suggest we meet the halfling at the Helm, then retire for the night at the Swinging Sword, then decide on the next quest after a long rest.


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